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Panthers News · SHS attends MHSAA Captain’s Clinic

On Tuesday February 21st, the GLAC conference gathered 15 to 20 of their top student athletes for a Captains Clinic hosted by MHSAA. The students were made up of sophomores and juniors who had been recognized as leaders on their team. The group consisted of at least 1 representative from each of the varsity level sports at Stockbridge High School. Throughout the day, students spent their time working together and with other schools in the league to learn basic leadership skills. At the end of the day, the schools created a to do list for captains in our programs. The presenter went out of his way to acknowledge Stockbridge as one of the most thorough lists he has seen since he started doing the clinic. Students had the following to say about their experience:

Macy Kruger – “I learned that communication is key to being a good leader.”

Michelle Zemke – “I really enjoyed the speakers and how they talked about stories from their high school days and what they learned.”

Daniel Ballagh – “I learned a lot of great things about being a leader and how they can be made and sculpted and how you don’t have to be a born leader.”

We would like to thank MHSAA for developing the clinic and Lansing Christian for hosting the event. We would also like to thank the Stockbridge Athletic Boosters for covering the costs for each of our Stockbridge students athletes.